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Luminux is an action-puzzle game designed around both easy accessibility and complex depth. Start by forming rows or columns of 3 of the same color. When you feel ready, discover and execute ways to explode multiple colors at once! If you do well enough, new game modes will unlock for play.

Luminux is released on the iOS and Android app store. It is sold for premium and will not feature ads or in-app-purchases. We believe that such things would hinder the quality of the game, something we wanted to remain a priority.

Luminux is being published by our awesome publisher,  BulkyPix. Go check out and play some of the other games they have published!


Developers: Joey Caero, Eric Hornby, Cory Kocurek

Coding: Joey Caero, Eric Hornby

Graphics: Cory Kocurek

Music: Alex Beroza, CDK, Marcel Weiss

Sound effects: ejfortin, timbre

Luminux IndieDBPelagic Games WebsiteLuminux Video Trailer


Published Jun 01, 2014
GenrePuzzle, Action
Tagsapp, block, color, luminux, puzzler, slide, Space, web

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